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Poor Man’s Meal

September 29, 2012

Have you ever watched Great Depression cooking with Clara? She is a 94+ year old great grandmother who cooks meals from the Great Depression and shares stories from her childhood. It is much fun watching her videos on YouTube. We have sort of adopted her as our own great grandmother.

The poor man’s meal is the first of Clara’s recipes that we have tried. My kids keep telling me how yummy it was.  Probably because of the hot dogs. 🙂


Potatoes peeled and chopped

Onion cut up

Hot dog wieners sliced

Olive oil

Mix together,fry in olive oil, and enjoy. So easy! So Good! And very cheap! We had a jar of homemade apple sauce with ours.


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  1. Looks delicious! I’m sure my crew would love this as well. Cabbage would be good in it too. God bless.

  2. mdoe37 permalink

    I’ve made this a few times and it IS actually pretty good. We had it Sunday night in fact. I used a spoonful of homemade ketchup (from the Little House in the Suburbs book) to add a bit of flavor.

  3. You inspired me to make this last night! Yummy! You have to like watching Clara. 😀 Happy saving!

  4. We do this but call it hot dog hash. The only difference is that we use hot sauce and butter, sort of like hot wings. First we slice the hot dogs and cook in the sauce, remove and then do the same for potatoes and onions. In the end you can melt cheese over it all or segregate the hot dogs and only use cheese on the vegetables.

  5. Dani permalink

    don’t forget to add a little water to the potatoes so they don’t dry out (after they been cooking a bit) and also maybe a tiny bit of red sauce or catsup!

  6. Guest permalink

    Clara passed away on November 29, 2013. She was 98 years old. I just found out yesterday.

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